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In a world that increasingly values safety and connection, Care222 was tasked with introducing its innovative ultraviolet light sanitization solution, emphasizing both its advanced capabilities and human-friendly nature. The critical challenge was to bridge the gap between scientific innovation and the public's comprehension and trust.


In collaboration with The Next Practice, Care222 leveraged the growth triple play approach, aiming to connect with a broad spectrum of audiences, spanning from B2B2C sectors to the academic community. The content was purposefully designed to highlight the "care" at the heart of Care222's human-safe ultraviolet light technology. Side-by-side demo videos were paired with research-backed information, effectively adopting a "seeing is believing" approach to showcase the product's unique advantages.


The campaign surpassed KPIs and achieved 20% YoY increase in organic search and 2.74%CTR.  By elevating the awareness of Care222’s Filtered Far UV-C technology beyond experts, consumers-built confidence in the revolutionary, human-safe sanitization, and businesses found novel ways to bolster public safety.

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