Covid Clinical Trial Recruitment


John Hopkins University and the Department of Defense faced a daunting challenge during the Covid-19 pandemic: how to quickly investigate a possible treatment option by enrolling a diverse population in a major clinical trial while the pandemic was taking hold across the world. 

After enrolling only 2% of their >1000 person target over the first five months, the 25+ clinical trial sites were lagging enrollment, with minority populations under-represented. They came to us to implement a new approach – and fast.


We activated CTRx Pathways, a revolutionary new platform to drive trial recruitment. Starting with the data, the CTRx disease-based media model connected with candidates on their terms via personalized messaging delivered in the most relevant channels for each audience. To ensure credibility, broad awareness, and education, CTRx identified the most influential community voices, geofenced covid testing centers, ran robust search, social and outdoor media, and executed a strong PR campaign across all target cities. 

These efforts drove candidates to the CTRx Content Platform that helped them learn, pre-qualify and initiate enrollment. To manage the process from candidacy to consent, the HIPPA-compliant CTRx Enrollment Software delivered end-to-end visibility to the data and enabled real-time optimization at every stage. 


The trial garnered more than 500 million earned and paid media impressions, 500,000 visitors to the website and call center, and drove more than 1,000 pre-qualified candidates to clinical trial sites. 

The positive outcomes data was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, ensuring a lasting impact on society and scientific research. Hence, we are better prepared for what comes next.

Learn more about our CTRx model In this blog post. 

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