Top Voice Accelerator: Unlock the Potential of your LinkedIn Profile


In this ever-changing digital landscape, the time is now for executives to elevate their digital leadership and influence to benefit their personal brand and their company. On LinkedIn alone, there are over 750 million people to impact. It's more than a social network - it's a business marketplace!

The challenge lies in being able to effectively cut through the noise with thought leadership and engagement that serves both your audience and organization.


Through our data-informed Top Voice Accelerator program, we're able to amplify your goals in concert with the goals of your organization. We increase the speed and scale of influence by deploying our proven methodology leveraging the 1-9-90 model. This approach empowers leaders to move along the continuum of influence from passenger to influencer with the following 4 steps.

  1. Profile audit and tune-up: We audit, then make it better for you.
  1. Editorial Strategy: We develop a personalized approach that aligns with your expertise, principles, voice, interests and the ever-changing market.
  1. Build the Engagement Engine: We map the content approach to ensure it moves out to your audience with consistency, speed and focus.
  1. Amplify, Measure and Scale: We provide ongoing insight through data that tracks impact and optimizes your content to build momentum.

We’ve successfully guided business executives from Fortune 500 companies and increased their followers by almost 20% and their engagement by 135% in 3 months. Business executives have used Top Voice Accelerator to drive both personal branding and corporate brand reputation - from growing their network, building thought leadership, recruiting talent, engaging employees, and even attracting potential investors.  

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