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John Hopkin’s University

Covid Clinical Trial Recruitment

Leveraged our strategic, data-driven model – CTRx – to accelerate enrollment, increase agility and diversify patient pools for clinical trials during Covid.

Smart Snippets

Experience the future of content delivery with Smart Snippets by The Next Practice


Unlocking Technology to Bring People Closer

Built consumer confidence in a revolutionary, human-safe sanitization technology.

Top Voice Accelerator: Unlock the Potential of your LinkedIn Profile

We unlock the potential of your LinkedIn profile to grow your leadership influence and audience at speed through our proven, data-driven model.

Generate High-Quality Leads by Creating a Data-Led Audience Architecture

Built a data-driven Audience Architecture that drives relevant creative solutions to produce high-quality leads.

Creating a Connected Workforce in a Disconnected World

Improved workforce engagement by taking a purpose-led, data-driven approach that delivered an experience that put the employee at the center.


Crayola’s SchoolMaskPack

Created a new line of business and built 35MM in sales in 6 months.

Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business & Page Society

The Dialogue Project

Inspired business leaders to improve civil discourse in America and help reduce polarization.

Our Clients

The Next Practice - Client List - CrayolaThe Next Practice - Client List - Johns Hopkins University

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