BlueRock Brand Positioning and Web Design


Position BlueRock Therapeutics as the pioneer in clinical-stage biotechnology, utilizing its unique cell+gene platform to develop cell therapies.

These therapies aim to enhance the lives of patients with severe diseases.

The challenge was to develop a fresh brand idea, language, and visual identity for BlueRock's website that genuinely reflects its core values.

Our aim was to do it in a way that captivated audiences with engaging content that distinctly sets BlueRock apart in the industry, establishing it as the cell therapy leader.


At BlueRock, their mission is to revolutionize the treatment of degenerative diseases, transforming the hypothetical"What if?" into the actionable "Here's how."

The website targets key audiences:·

  • PhD Scientists: Potential collaborators or employees should perceive BlueRock as a hub of groundbreaking science conducted by brilliant minds who are passionate about their work. We aim to be at the forefront of new discoveries.
  • Physicians: Surgeons and primary care doctors should feel confident in the procedures, believing the benefits outweigh the risks.
  • Patient Organizations: It's crucial to convey our scientific endeavors clearly, explaining our mission and its significance to these groups.

The brand redesign was informed by audience insights.

These insights shaped a content strategy emphasizing a modern, mobile-first user experience.

The approach included concise content, striking visuals, and a conversational tone that balances engaging storytelling with factual information, avoiding information overload.


Introducing the brand idea: "THE ART & SCIENCE OF CELLULAR THERAPY."

The brand's tone is characterized as Innovative, Creative, Passionate, and Collaborative.


At BlueRock, their inquisitive scientists approach their work as an artist would a blank canvas, transforming ambitious visions into tangible realities. The website features a striking visual of a petri dish, symbolizing BlueRock's ability to mold and transform a single cell into a therapeutic powerhouse, rejuvenating the human condition. This imagery invites the audience to delve deeper into the potential BlueRock offers.

Throughout the website, authentic scientific images intertwine with hand-drawn illustrations. This blend emphasizes that science, as practiced at BlueRock, is a journey of inquiry, experimentation, and adaptation, often captured in notes and sketches that lead to innovative ideas and unexpected discoveries.Through a combination of words and visuals, the audience is invited to embark on the BlueRock journey.

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