Creating a Connected Workforce in a Disconnected World


The pandemic caused employees to re-think what they wanted from their employers – they’re now looking for more flexibility, more meaningful work, and more attention to health and wellness. The Great Resignation presented a huge challenge for companies and caused an increase in focus on retention efforts. Keeping employees engaged requires a purpose-led approach, shifting focus from isolated human resources programs to designing cohesive and compelling employee-centric experiences.


It’s crucial to understand which benefits employees value most in order to enhance their well-being and overall engagement. Informed by Data Analytics, we conduct trend analysis across program utilization data, program search data, survey data, and 1:1 stakeholder interviews to understand employee needs and wants, and to improve the overall employee experience.

We deliver creative solutions - video content that leverages the employee as an “influencer”- to encourage benefit program participation. These “TikTok-like” videos allow for an easy, streamlined way for employees to share their personal experiences and the impact the benefits program made on their overall well-being while encouraging others to join in on the conversation. 


Workforce engagement impacts every piece of your business. The importance of fostering employee well-being and engagement will continue to be of utmost importance for workforce recruitment, engagement, retention, and, most importantly, to enable employees to be their best selves at work.

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