Creating Your Sustainability Handprint


What we have learned through our engagement with business executives, marketing leaders and advisors is that they all agree on one thing -  Sustainability is the most urgent topic for this generation. The challenge however, remains for companies to find their inspirational path and start generating sustainable “handprints” that help make the world a better place, instead of leaving behind a destructive trail of carbon “footprints”.

We believe companies have the power to do good and do well and are the new driving force to help individuals, society, and the planet thrive in perpetuity. Our global CEO, Chris Foster discusses these important topics and more with Vitasoy CEO, Roberto Guidetti.   

Recognized as the world’s top 100 most sustainable companies by Corporate Knights and a pioneer in Sustainable practices in Asia Pacific, Vitasoy is committed to providing sustainable plant-based nutrition through continuous innovation and development of products in line with their core values of Nutrition, Taste, and Sustainability.  

Long-term sustainable value creation starts with purpose.  In this first blog post of our 3-part series, Chris and Roberto unlock the power of purpose serving as the North Star that guides corporate innovation and sustainability:

  1. Culture on Purpose
  1. Innovation in Everyone
  1. Making Sustainability Happen

What is your company’s purpose?  How are you using it as a North Star to achieve sustainability goals?  

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Chris Foster
Global CEO